Are u from cabin 13 I am if so were half siblings

Half siblings? Yes I am from that cabin.

Darling..? It's been a while..

Hey, how are you? It has been some time..

he smiled happily. "really you can?" he asked as he sipped from his soda.
─ Anonymous

He nodded with a small smile.

He nodded. "yeah i'll be right back with one of them for you." he said happily. he went to the place down the street before returning with the other's drink in one hand and a orange soda in the other hand. "here you go. Lots of extra cherries in it for you" He said handing him the drink
─ Anonymous

His eyes lit bright as he took the drink, thanking the other.”I enjoy these so much. I can tie a stem with my tounge!”

He smiled. "good no more of that drink you were having before. Sodas well I can get you plenty of those. They have those everywhere. want to come with me to find one?"
─ Anonymous

"Can I have a Shirley temple?" He bit his bottom lip."With extra cherries? It’s my favorite drink.."

He nods. "yeah i sadly took up drinking after realizing you found someone else so now i know plenty of places" he said
─ Anonymous

"Oh, I’m sorry to hear..I um..wanted more like a soda."

Hey. Hey... Mangela Baker for life, mah nigga.

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